Thursday, January 21, 2010

Weekly Cleaning List - Bathroom

We have more than one bathroom in our house, but for simplicity's sake, I'm just cleaning one bathroom per week.  That's enough, eh?

Here's my cleaning list for the Bathroom:

Clean outside of toilet
Empty trashcan
Clean inside of trashcan
Clean shower door
Scrub floor
Wipe switchplates, doorknobs and drawer pulls
Dust baseboards and any other surfaces that need it.
Wash one area rug
Straighten one cabinet or drawer

You may notice that I'm not scrubbing the inside of the shower.  I've decided to take a tip from the FlyLady and clean my shower while I'm in it.  We'll see how well that works out!

I have a ton of alcohol wipes, so I'm using those to wipe the switchplates, doorknobs and drawer pulls.  I left a big stack of unopened wipes in the bathroom in case I see anything gross in the bathroom that needs to be sanitized during the week.

Overeall, this cleaning took me 25 minutes.  Much less than I thought it would, but it was really hard work.

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