Friday, January 15, 2010

Weekend To-Do List

Finally, a relaxing weekend at home!  Here's some of the stuff I'm hoping to get done:

Take clothes to the cleaner
Organize and store Christmas decorations (for REAL this time!)
Unpack placesetting of china and put away in the right spot.
Re-arrange displays in living room and dining room
Take clothes to consignment shop

This should definitely keep me busy!  What are your to-do's for the weekend?  Feel free to link to your own blog below, or just leave a comment about your weekend plans.

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  1. Well, I cleaned this morning to get that out of the way. The place is pretty spotless. Other than that, I need to start looking into some new furniture and set a budget for what I decide to buy. Mostly I need a new dining room table and dressers in our bedroom. Good luck with your to-dos.