Monday, January 18, 2010

Steam Mop Mania

Something that's been really weighing on my mind has been cleaning my floors.  I HATE mopping, and I completely suck at it.  Now that I've vowed to clean my own house, I'm going to have to mop.

I decided that I'd just clean with a few rags and soap instead, and I did that last week with one of my bathrooms.  It was super easy, because the cleaning lady had just mopped the floors a couple of days ago.

Yesterday I started surfing the interweb, and I came across product reviews on Amazon for a Shark Steam Mop.  According to the reviews, this mop could be the answer to my mopping quandry.

Unable to wait, I went to Bed Bath and Beyond this morning, and I bought one of these mops.  As I type this, I'm eyeing the unopened box with anticipation.  According to the reviews on Amazon, this mop is supposed to make mopping easy and FUN.  Please pardon me for being a tad skeptical, especially about that last claim.

I'm off to try out the mop.  Will post review, including comments on the fun factor, later today.

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