Wednesday, December 23, 2009

To-Do Today and Check-In

Yesterday's to-do list...did not get done.  Here's what I did manage to finish:
  1. Ironed tablecloths - Not really.  I don't have an ironing board, so I threw them in the dryer with wet towels and then put them on the tables, hoping they would look ironed.  Thank goodness it worked.
  2. Inventoried china.  Done.  I had to do a lot of unpacking from when we moved, so this took a really long time.  Panic ensued when I realized that I only have eleven placesettings and twelve guests coming for Christmas dinner.  I made a rushed order for another placesetting (not cheap) from Linens-N-Things.  If they deliver before Christmas, I will be writing up a major rave about them.  Not holding my breath, though.
  3. Washed china.  Done.
  4. Made choclolate-covered pretzels.  Ate lots of them.  Gained 5 pounds.
  5. Mailed two Christmas cards with enclosed gifts.  Done.
  6. While I did all of this, I watched the worst movie.  Margot at the Wedding.  It's. Just. Awful.
To Do for Today
  • Buy plane tickets
  • Go to movies with friend
  • Package chocolate-covered pretzels.
  • Go for 30 minute walk
  • Do all of the cleaning stuff I was supposed to do yesterday

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