Sunday, February 14, 2010

To-Do List - Today!

I've been in hibernation/slacking mode for a long time now, hence the need to make a massive to-do list.  Here it goes:

  1. Plan menu for next week - this should be easy because we have a lot of dinner dates with friends and family this week.
  2. Trip to Sam's Club - I'm on a quest to find meats and fish that don't have a lot of nasty chemicals in them, and I'd like to buy them in bulk.  Sam's Club isn't close to home, so I hope this trip will be worth it.
  3. Regular grocery shopping - I'm slightly obsessed with coupons, so I'll also be scouring the internet and newspapers for good deals before heading out.
  4. Laundry - This has gotten out of hand.  I have NOT been doing my load of laundry each day like a good girl.
  5. Order new running shoes
  6. Color hair - I have some majorly gray roots
  7. Make a nice dinner for my wonderful husband!

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